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MEMBER 219 writes:

"I have been writing to Member Feedback for some years and always enjoy the comments and am exasperated by ATO responses in last week's TAXVINE.

I am gobsmacked by the 'known issue' comment by the ATO. Why oh why did it become an issue in the first place - their attention to detail has become non-existent and their lack of consideration to tax agents and our limited resources just pathetic, how can they expect any sort of cooperation from us? After 12 years as a tax office/investigator and 27 years as a tax agent, I have decided to reduce substantially my involvement in preparing taxation returns and am already thankful for not having to continually hit brick walls with the ATO - this after only 6 weeks. I hope they do act reasonably in the future and the relationship with Tax Agents becomes more reasonable and that the ATO acts in the clients'/taxpayers' interest under the taxation legislation."


MEMBER 220 writes:

"I express great concern with the content of the new website.

The big concern is the material that has 'disappeared' off the website, or can’t be found, or not linked on the website. Anecdotally I am totally unconvinced the website has the same material as before, if it does, it is hidden from any connectors, and can’t be found. We have always used Google outside the website to do searches, and I am sure we are not getting the results we used to.

Perhaps other members may like to comment on this observation.

Can the ATO confirm the website does not have material removed/hidden/without connectors etc?

Also is there going to be an investigation by the Inspector-General of Taxation or the Auditor General?

This website must have cost millions and is grossly substandard, the old site was not modern but had all the info and that info could be found.