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In response to Member feedback on the new ATO website, the ATO provides the following comments:

“The new website was launched on 25 June 2013. The ATO would like to acknowledge the inconvenience that some tax practitioners are having since the launch of the new ATO website.  We are currently working through fixing the issues.

We have grouped the feedback into key themes to explain how we are responding to feedback.

Error Messages
Many tax practitioners have reported they are getting error messages. In most cases a  511 or 500 error will appear instead of the appropriate content . We have now identified a fix and this was put in place on the evening 18 July 2013. 

Broken Links
We are aware that there are still ongoing issues with broken links on the website, we are currently working to address these problems as a matter of urgency.  This work will be ongoing, should you come across any broken links, please use the General comments about this website link.

'What's New'
In some instances new items that have been added to the site are not always appearing in the ‘What’s New’ feature. We are working on a fix and hope to have this resolved in the next week.

Some searches are not finding all of the relevant information, we are currently working on a fix for this issue.

Printer Friendly
The printer friendly version is available under the file print option from your web browser. As part of the redesign of the site we adopted writing for the web principles so a single topic is made up of a number of pages, we are looking at a solution to group these pages together to enable a single topic print. We recognise that this functionality is very important and we are currently working with professional associations to understand what is required and provide a fix for this issue.

Originally the launch of the new website was expected to be early June, however due to some last minute issues it was delayed until the end of June.  We felt the new website offered key benefits that would offer support during Tax Time.  However, we acknowledge that the timing was less than optimal for tax practitioners. The new website will enable the ATO to expand our range of online services.

We are currently working with professional associations to understand the issues and how to put fixes in place. We would like to thank you for your patience in launching the new website.”