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14 Jun 1313 More on the delays with getting ABNs

MEMBER 122 writes:
"We applied for 4 ABNs last week. 2 companies and 2 SMSFs. In the past the majority were automatically issued. This no longer happens and we have to wait till the system issues one some weeks later. A telephone call to the ATO gets you the usual 28 day performance standard run around.
The only information that can be checked that is given on the application is the TFN of the related parties. The ATO's computer is thus able to instantaneously determine if the related parties have met their lodgment and payment obligations. Why not give an instantaneous reply? No human at the ATO has any more information to add to the process.
An instantaneous response speeds up business, allows the new taxpayer to open bank accounts and to make transactions like purchasing property or rolling over super money. This is a very simple and easy way of increasing productivity in Australia that is apparently decreasing."

MEMBER 123 writes:
"I routinely request clients to call ATO themselves regarding simple matters.
I believe it is important for clients to experience the lack of service that accountants have become forced to deal with on a daily basis.
Here is what a client sent me last week.
'I spent the best part of an hour yesterday on the phone to the ATO in respect of the ABN for my new business and I kid you not...the nice woman I spoke with constantly put me on hold while she checked on yet another little thing...
This was in respect of an ABN reinstatement (of my old ABN which had been previously cancelled), the application for which was lodged on 9 May 2013 (about 1 month ago).
I do pity you having to deal with them regularly.
At the end of that truly excruciating process she said the ABN should be available on within the next 24-48 hours.
But it's still not there. What should I do now?'"

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