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MEMBER 87 writes: 

"I agree with Member 84's comments in last week's TAXVINE - see 2014 TAXVINE No 24 (11 July 2014) - and also ask why is the Taxable Payments Annual Report for subcontractors due on 21 July with no extension and very few methods of lodging? Surely in the interests of correctness we can lodge these at the same time as the client's tax return. In fact, why isn’t this just another schedule within the return. Jobs for staff in the ATO, methinks, but I bet they are not all processed by end of August (28days). Again, double standards."

THE ATO ALSO RESPONDS to Member 84's comments about not being able to lodge the Report via the Portal:

"The Portals have experienced some intermittent issues, including short periods of outages and slowness but, in the main, these issues have not prevented the Taxable payments annual reports from being lodged. 

If you continue to have problems in lodging the report via the Portals, contact us on 13 72 86 Fast Key Code (FKC) 3 3

If you cannot lodge by the due date, you can request additional time to lodge by completing an ATO assessed deferral application form and submitting this to the ATO using the Tax Agent Portal or BAS Agent Portal. The form needs to be submitted before the due date of 21 July 2014."