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MEMBER 150 writes:

"The now superseded ATO website had an essential feature on every page; a small clickable printer icon to format the page into an uncluttered and easily searchable, printable, and readable format.

Unfortunately the bright ideas team at ATO have decided to remove this useful tool.

Now, when a long webpage is needed to be printed (as happens often when researching a difficult topic), we're left with a badly formatted and frustratingly illegible pile of pages, complete with unwanted graphic images and buttons. Any student of Design 101 would instantly grade this a failure, being bad presentation.

Why does the ATO deliberately make it harder for the community to get at their information? Do they dream this might be a good way to administer the tax system?

Example: Since 2011, there's been no printed 'Instructions for Completion of Forms P & T'. And there's no PDF version either. Anyone up for a challenge should try to find the instructions for completing each of the 23 Labels at item 65 of a 2012 Trust form.

I can only sympathise with the folks in the ATO call centre, who must try to assist us with endless (and often pointless) searching.

Message for ATO: Please don't keep sending us your regular broadcasts advising of problems with your website and pothole. We would however welcome a broadcast message on any day when they do work properly. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes."

MEMBER 151 writes:

"I agree so much with Members 145 and 146 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 26 (12 July 2013) - the lack of the ability to print a WHOLE document on the new ATO website is such a pain and a waste of time. 

Surely the ATO can put this functionality back!!"


“The Tax Institute will be raising the varying  issues that have been arising with the new ATO website at the next ATO Tax Practitioners Forum and will report to members on the outcome. Please send through your specific concerns with the website to us at to ensure specific concerns can be addressed.”