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MEMBER 199 writes:

"Can the ATO please fix the new website, ASAP, to ensure that a single document/factsheet/guide can be printed in one go. Currently, to print a single document (say, eg, “Advanced Guide to Capital gains tax concessions for small business 2012 -2013”) can take up to 15 minutes because, to print this single guide:

First, you need to wait for each separate section of the guide to open in a new window.  This is extraordinarily time-consuming because:

- there are probably at least 30 different sections in the guide; and

- a new window does not open immediately – it sometimes takes up to 10 seconds for a window to open;

Secondly, you then need to print off each section separately; and

Thirdly, you then need to spend the time to re-open every window in order to check that you have successfully printed off every section and not missed any.  (It is very easy to inadvertently miss one or more sections, so it is imperative to perform this check.)

The above system is unnecessarily time-consuming and can easily lead to errors, where a taxpayer/practitioner inadvertently fails to read a particular section of a document.  In the old website, the entire guide could be opened in a single window, and printed off in one go in about 10 seconds. Please restore the old functionality ASAP."

MEMBER 200 writes:

"To Members 186 & 187 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 33 (30 August 2013) - regarding frustrations with the ATO's new website and search engine capability…

Try Google – it takes you to parts of the ATO website previously unknown to man (or woman) – works a treat in the main…"