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"I noted with interest the following comment in a recent speech by Neil Olesen, Second Commissioner, Law Design and Practice, entitled "Reinventing the ATO – ready, willing and underway":

'We have a purpose built facility in our Brisbane office which allows our designers to watch people using prototypes of proposed products and services, feeding back those observations into the design of those products and services.'

Was this facility used for the design of the new ATO website?

If it was, were any of the 'beta testers' Tax Agents?"


MEMBER 236 writes:

"I have had the opportunity on Monday of this week to meet with 2 senior ATO Officers and go through a lot of the problems with the Website and the Tax Portal.

I can say that I am very impressed with their attitude and approach and how they are having our great many issues investigated and the resolutions that they are putting in place.

If and when they all come to fruition then all tax agents should be much happier and pleasantly impressed.

It is a pity that this has taken so long to get fixed but I have been assured that the fixes are being made and are not very far off.

As a constant critic of these two areas I was surprised with the frankness of these two officers.

Thank you ATO." 

MEMBER 237 writes: 

"Last week Apple released 'Maverick OS X', its latest operating system. Seemingly this new operating system works with a great majority of websites but, sadly, not the ATO’s Tax Agent or Business Portals.

Why is it that all Australian banks, Government departments (except the ATO) and other sites requiring secure log in, easily function with a new operating system? Are the designers of the current Auskey system really that incompetent?"