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MEMBER 246 writes:

"Friday afternoon, 1st November 2013, 3pm

The pothole is not functioning are we expected to work efficiently under the pressures imposed by the ATO when it cannot deliver the services necessary to enable that efficient performance? It’s not like we have any other competitive service provider…now there’s a thought!

As an aside – I attempted to lodge employer reports via the pothole; upon lodgment, the system advised that lodgment was unsuccessful. Tried again, and same response; therefore reverted to manual lodgment via Australia Post. That was approximately 6 weeks ago.

In today’s mail I received a warning letter that the file lodged was corrupt; no indication as to whether it was the portal lodgment or the manual lodgment, but the message was clear – if I do not successfully lodge the report within 4 weeks penalties may be applied.

I figure I may just adopt the same methodology – I am going to keep track of how many person hours in this office are wasted on ATO system failure, incompetent advice, and spam, and send a warning letter, including the advice that PENALTIES MAY BE APPLIED. If corrective action is not taken, and the systems fixed, I will then lodge my demand for financial compensation for ATO maladministration."