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17 May 1313 More on the (non-working) Portal

MEMBER 92 writes:
"It's Monday afternoon 4pm 13 May 2013 - desperately trying to do things by Wednesday 15 May and the Portal is grinding to (practically) a halt - it is very frustrating!!
How about the ATO add one day to the 15 May Lodgment deadline for every day the Portal is not working - surely that's not too much to ask?
Can you arrange that by this Wednesday for us PLEASE?"

MEMBER 93 writes:
"Yes, it is 15 May 2013, morning after the budget, here I am at 6:30am trying to prepare and lodge returns and getting information from the Portal and... of course it is a lottery as to whether the Portal is up. At this time it isn't, we are being forced to go more and more electronic yet the Tax Portal is getting more unreliable. Don't get me wrong, the Portal is of great assistance to tax agents but its unreliability creates continuous slow-downs and stuff ups in that files have to be stopped, delayed etc until we can get the relevant information - as well as getting angry at the system. Come on ATO get your act together - surely today is a day when the Portal must work perfectly. It should work perfectly every day.
Cheers and thanks for budget update."

MEMBER 94 writes:
"It is 6.55am on Wednesday morning 15 May 2013 and I am trying to work and get access to the tax agent Portal to obtain details from the current years reports.
Once again the Portal is not working and there is no advice about this in the ATO system maintenance area.
It is really time that the ATO started to provide a decent service and keep us all advised of what is going on. How are we expected to comply with lodgment rules when the Portal does not work?
Quite obviously Mr Swan's budget cuts have now hit the ATO as well."
THE TAX INSTITUTE'S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: "The ATO contacted The Tax Institute on Wednesday afternoon to advise that the Portal issues that arose that morning were due to a hardware issue at a data centre. The primary hardware failed and the backup system was immediately put into place. However, due to the amount of traffic on the Portal site as a result of the 15 May 2013 deadline, issues arose with the backup system due to the extra workload. The Tax Institute was informed that the Portal was back up and running that afternoon. Members did inform us of the issues they were having with the Portal that day and members are always encouraged to contact us at if they are having continuing issues with the Portal."

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