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MEMBER 109 writes, in response to Member 103's comments in last week's TAXVINE - see 2013 TAXVINE No 19 (24 May 2013) - about being driven to drink by the ATO and other Commonwealth agencies:
"I prefer Drambuie...
I've given up the fight - like children, the ATO will do whatever it thinks expedient at the time. If it mucks up, all you'll get is a shrug of the shoulders - and then off to the next big you beaut toy...
All I can do is my best in spite of all of the obstacles.
Now, where did I put my glass?"

MEMBER 110 writes:
"As I write this, I am looking at the ATO website which shows me the 'Lodgment program 2012-13 - details of the program - client type tax returns - Individuals and trusts'
As we know, as we all strive to meet our 85% goal (ha ha), Lodgment end date 15 May 2013 says 'Tax returns for all remaining individuals and trusts not required earlier and not eligible for the 5 June concession (including new registrations)'.
Further, the Lodgment date 5 June 2013 says 'Tax return for individuals, partnerships and trusts with a lodgment end date of 15 May 2013, provided payment is also made by this date'.
It also says that 'you do not need to apply for a deferral to receive the June 5 concession date'.
So why do ATO send me a letter for a client lodged on 23 May 2013 with payment made before 5 June 2013 saying that they received the tax return after the due date for lodgement and that out of the goodness of their heart on this occasion they have decided not to charge a penalty!!??
And why do I have to put up with an officer from the ATO ringing me every Saturday morning for 3 weeks wanting to know when my client will be lodging their BAS (and this is well before it was due) because he has been monitoring the Land Titles Office and my property development client has sold a number of properties this quarter!!
Not happy Jan!"

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