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30 Nov 1212 More on the Portal

MEMBER 226 writes:

"The ATO can go on all it likes about changing from ELS to SBR (whatever that means), but the fact is that the Portal has been inherently unstable for 4 months.

It regularly crashes, especially after you enter your password. And so it takes 2-3 goes, if you are lucky. We here now just enter in the BAS forms or Client update forms via our ELS software, as the Portal quite frankly is useless.

Alas we do need the Portal for information/reports to do our job. The fact that it is unstable means that it substantially extends the time for completing a job. In fact there are days, when our 20 person office struggles to get anything from the Portal.

If the ATO thinks it is a good thing, they better wake up...It's time to fix the IT bugs, and be realistic.

I have complained about this some months ago, and the ATO provided The Tax Institute with their usual PR spin reply. Well guys, how about actually fixing the system?

My IT system uses Windows 7, and it all worked fine before the ATO upgraded, so it's the ATO's fault not mine.

And during the completion of this email, all I tried to do was lodge, in the Portal, a "no return necessary" for a client who was on the phone with me, and what do you think happened...YEP...It crashed again during password processing. Totally unacceptable. And yet the ATO is demanding we Agents get our acts together and be more efficient lodgers etc.

What a joke!"

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