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MEMBER 56 writes:

"I received an Activity Statement Lodgment Report this morning – surprise, surprise – it contained details of unlodged activity statements for people who were my clients up to between three and thirteen years ago and with whom I have had no contact since.

I have already been through the bulk removal of clients exercise and most of these did not appear on the client listing that was used in that process – so where did they appear from? There are also some that were on that list that were to be deleted and it appears that they have been – but for some reason I am still shown as agent for their activity statements.

Seeing there are only about 15 of them I thought I would just jump on the Portal and remove them myself so I know they are gone – yeah right – you are unauthorized etc etc, or your session has expired because you haven’t done anything for 20 minutes -  although you only logged on 5 minutes ago – and then  there are clients on the list identified by their TFN but I am not authorised to access them to remove them, presumably because they are IASs that haven’t been lodged and I am not shown as the agent for income tax – just delinquent activity statements.

I know the Portal has had some problems – it has been a very valuable tool but it is now very frustrating and wastes as much time as it saves. Now I presume that these weird reappearances of old formerly deleted clients are going to add to the number of overdue lodgments and be taken into account in determining whether we meet the 85% rule. The ATO needs to have a serious look at their IT function and maybe, just maybe, get some logic and efficiency happening before they start stressing out the agents over lodgment deadlines that are largely out of their control anyway. Maybe they should aim to have the Portal operate properly for 85% of the time for starters."