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MEMBER 27 writes:

"'Contact us if you are still experiencing Portal issues'.

So said the broadcast sent on 15 February 2013 advising registered tax agents to email the ATO if they are still having problems with their access to the Tax Agent Portal or specific portal functions after the recent system fixes the ATO has deployed.

I received the above directive as part of an bulk email from the ATO.

Our office has resorted to ELS lodgments for most documents because the Portal has been a problem for months now. We finish the form and the Portal kicks us off before we can submit the form.

Just after I received the directive above, I decided to try again and lo and behold after finishing the form - the Portal kicked me off before I could submit the form. AGAIN AND AS PER USUAL.

I decided this time to contact the ATO as directed. THERE IS NO EMAIL ADDRESS. Go to the Portal - look for the appropriate mail message subject - not available!!! There is no complaints section - no area for Portal issues.

ATO - there is still a problem - please tell me how to contact you.

From a frustrated accountant just trying to do a good job. PS We have 20 staff and we are all at the end of our tether with the Portal.

It was working - why, why do they have to fix things that were working well?"

TAXVINE COMMENT: The email address given in the copy of the message on the ATO website is

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