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01 Mar 1313 More on the Portal

"Well, the Portal is the most useless bloody thing on the whole damn planet.

All the IT people ever say, oh do this thingy, or some other weird IT thingy, and then it will work.


The only thing it does consistently is let you enter all of a BAS, and then crash at password enter time.

If you ask me, that's called NOT WORKING PROPERLY.

I have had my IT guy deal with the ATO, and all that I get is an IT bill, and a Portal that works sometimes.

You cannot even log into the Portal to send an email to complain it is not working. (That's what the ATO want you to do! Log in and complain, about the fact you cannot log in!)

Maybe a better of use of the ATO budget would be to build a time machine so it could go back and not upgrade the system.

I am quite frankly sick of all this."