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07 Mar 1313 More on the Portal

MEMBER 37 writes:

"You might want to pass this on to the Member that says the Portal crashes when he enters his password, that's right after he has just carefully put in the BAS details - see 2013 TAXVINE No 6 (1 March 2013). I had that problem too when I used internet explorer to access the Portal. I was advised to swap to Mozilla Firefox to access Portal and, 'voila', like magic it works and doesn't crash.

All the comments oh so true and glad it's just not me!"

MEMBER 38 writes:

"I have read the numerous of complaints about the tax agent Portal in various media including this one.

Well I for one have no complaints - it is a very useful tool and I do not have any noteworthy access issues.

Thank you ATO."

MEMBER 39 writes on the Portal and other matters:

"'Portal issues now resolved'...excellent, we can all accept the broadcast to agents on 22 February 2013 that all is resolved. My many telephone calls to the Portal assistance area also seem to provide the same response...all resolved and working. What a load of complete RUBBISH!

We have spent so many wasted hours on Portal faults that the matter makes me sick and we all seem to be getting the same run around. I have sent print screen errors to the email address in the agent broadcast but not one response. Numerous telephone calls and nobody is able to assist as nobody seems to know where the emails go too??

At the same time we keep getting reminders about the new lodgment regime and our on-time lodgement progress or lack thereof. We seem to be made out as the villain if a client has not lodged or lodged late. Wake up Mr Taxman, if my client decides for whatever reason that he is going to lodge late then that is his choice and also his consequence. We try and educate our clients, ring, letters etc but at the end of the day it is their choice. The fact that you then want to punish my whole practice is an insult to me and my hard working staff.

Separately if you look closely at the way they calculate late lodgment it even includes new clients who may have a bad history so, for example, if a client walks in the door with 1 year (or more) outstanding then when you lodge you will be pinged for the client's prior tardiness. When we enquired about this the response was that you will need to weigh up accepting a new client if their late lodgments will put you over the 85% on-time requirement. What a complete farce...sorry Mr Client but we cannot take on your new work as we cannot risk losing our on-time record.

Unfortunately the common theme in Member Feedback over the last 2 years or so is that the ATO doesn't appear to be accountable for any of its actions or inactions and it is us tax agents who spend enormous amounts of wasted man hours fixing up their problems or doing their work for them or just waiting for the mandatory 28 day invisible screen that is the common mantra to expire before we try again...inevitably get the same run around.

When is the ATO going to be made accountable for their complete incompetence?

Yours in frustration..."

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