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MEMBER 61 writes:
"I've just suffered the past four days of no access to the tax agent Portal, seemingly continued issues with Java updates, reinstalling Auskey software etc, etc. On the rare occasion (yes, only one), I did manage to successfully connect, I received a system unavailable error. The only assistance I received from the ATO technical help desk was an acknowledgement that there were problems with access.
Frankly, without the Portal functioning correctly, the ATO can kiss good bye to 85% on time lodgment performance. My productivity this past week has been completely 'shot' as I have struggled to connect, such a waste of time and generation of frustration!"

MEMBER 62 writes:
"Once again the ATO Portal is not working due to maintenance.
We have been advised of such maintenance, but isn't it great that the ATO insist on doing such maintenance on a weekend when we are all working and catching up to meet our wonderful 85 % lodgment duties.
When is the ATO going to actually realise that they should do maintenance at night and stop creating problems for the tax agent on a great many weekends?
For example, the ATO shut down the Portal for maintenance over part of the Easter Weekend. It was supposed to be back online at 6.30am on Sunday, but did not come back online until about 6.55am, no notes as to why it was late.
When I could eventually log into the Portal it was terribly slow and took a very long time to work, when accessing some areas it did not work and came back with error messages.
When is the ATO going to fix the Tax Portal once and for good?
The constant errors and time wasting is really not acceptable from the ATO, they have buckets of resources and yet they do not appear to be able to make the Portal function correctly
Now that the ATO Portal and the ASIC websites are linked, when one fails so does the other, and the same for maintenance issues as well as the ABR website.
Really, not good enough."

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