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MEMBER 85 writes, in response to Member 80's comments in last week's TAXVINE - see 2013 TAXVINE No 14 (26 April 2013) - about the potential effect of the proposed self-education expenses cap:
"Further to the comments from Member 80 about the proposed self-education cap
When I read of the Government proposals my thoughts immediately went to my clients who are undertaking post graduate courses. The bulk of my clients undertaking such advanced diplomas and degrees are health workers such as nurses who are looking to improve their skills and qualifications in areas such as midwifery, emergency medicine, tropical medicine, advanced clinical practices, care of older adults, infection control, oncology, renal care, rural and remote care and paediatric care. Does the government not value the skill set that would arise from these studies?
The Government's proposal in this respect is poorly targeted and as practitioners we should be making our disapproval heard."

MEMBER 86 writes:
"In response to Member 80, I advise that there are other categories that will be affected. Those that are studying Masters Degrees or Other diploma courses pay an upfront fee of more than $2,000. I have one client that is paying $5,800 for two semesters. This ridiculous cap is totally unfair to those persons."

MEMBER 87 writes:
"Member 80 asks if anyone has clients with self-education claims over $2,000. I completed my Masters of Taxation and always had claims of over $2,000 as the fees per subject were over $2,000. The Government should be encouraging and supporting all education. What is the point of having well educated school graduates at the expense of universities and other tertiary institutions?"

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