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MEMBER 215 writes:

"How can the ATO not know how many claims to expect for spouse offset?

Most of these wives were claimed last year, with their DOB clearly shown. Those who were eligible last year, but not this year, got letters reminding them that they would be ineligible under the new age rules. So take away those who claimed from those who got a letter, and that tells them how many might be eligible at least! I find it draconian to just halt issuing of refunds while the ATO checks to make sure we didn’t make the wives up. Most already have a TFN, and the ATO knows they exist and what they earn from investments/pensions.

I received one letter re a 2012 claim as the wife doesn’t have a TFN – I needed to send in proof of identity and a bill showing her name and residential address to prove she co-habits with the claimant. Big Brother is alive and well and hiding out at ATO HQ."