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MEMBER 35 writes:

"I am a Tax Agent and Accountant and received 4 letters for clients yesterday stating that their 'Taxable Payments Annual Report' is overdue. 

The letter says: 'There is no requirement to lodge a nil annual report or to advise us of this. However to minimise unnecessary lodgement follow-up you may notify us by phoning 13 28 66.' 

When I phoned the number to advise about one company that had been wound up and was not required to lodge a NIL report, it took over 22 minutes. 

For the 2014 year, could the ATO please make it easier for Tax Agents & also taxpayers to advise the ATO that taxpayers do not have to lodge or that the form is NIL. Perhaps, either by Portal or automatic phone?

ATO – the cost of writing, sending & the postage of these letters could have been avoided if only SOMEONE had thought."