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02 Sep 1111 More on there was a time (long, long ago)

MEMBER 162 writes:

"I refer to the feedback comment from Member 156 [who reminisced about the 'old days'].

I too am old enough to remember the days before GST, CGT, FBT, PAYG, DIV 7A, PART IVA, et al.

I also remember days of extraordinary inequity in the payment of tax by individuals - usually on the basis of their capacity to pay for taxation 'advice'.

I also remember the days when the ATO was a closed society with little public access, scrutiny, or accountability.

As taxation professionals our working lives have been subject to profound change in the last thirty years. But in this regard we are no different to every other profession, occupation, or business in the world. We have worked hard to keep up with dramatic changes in the structure of our economy; significant changes in the education of society; substantial adjustments to industrial relation systems; the globalisation of the businesses of our clients; and embraced the communication revolution.

We, along with lawyers, medical and scientific professionals, teachers, engineers, IT providers and a million business owners, have stayed true to our callings and continued to learn and develop through our working lives. At times it has been challenging and stressful - but it has also been rewarding and worthwhile.

Not for me the...remember when?"

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