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01 Apr 1111 More on unlodged returns

MEMBER 49 writes:

"I refer to Member 42 (see 2011 TAXVINE No.10 (25 March 2011)) and his experience with the ATO's incompetence over unlodged return listings.

In September 2010 I received a letter from the ATO's Adelaide Office with a list of 6 Unlodged Returns, going back to 2004.

Of the 6, two were ex clients who had left some 10 years ago, of which fact the Penrith Office was advised at the time. Three had never been clients of ours; and the last was yours truly, even though I had received a refund for the 2010 Return, and had never missed lodging a return on time.
Makes one wonder whether the ATO will ever get its act together."

And MEMBER 50 writes:

"I just downloaded a client list to see how things looked - have lots on there shown as NOT LODGED and yet I have lodged electronically Client Update Forms (up to 5 months back) which have not been processed (even though I have a Transmission report to say they were all received by the ATO). Appears the new 'system' has the same problems as the old 'system'. We are no further advanced.

So I called Tax Practitioner Services within the ATO - I asked that they print out a list of all CU forms I've lodged in the last 9 months and process them all.

The answer was no - the system can't do that - 'you will have to give us a list of all the CU forms you've lodged with the Validation Report numbers and then we can try to find them.'

I explained that from my point of view as a sole practitioner with no time to do what I consider is the ATO's work, I couldn't do that - as far as I can see, I've done my bit by telling the ATO the client will not be lodging a 2010 tax return and why - so it is now the ATO's problem if the 'system' can't record the fact that I have done that - TPS did not agree - they said it was definitely my problem - that's when I hung up and went for a walk

When I came back, I lodged a complaint about the 'system' - it took 22 minutes to do that."

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