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24 Jun 1111 More on unnecessary correspondence and POI procedures

MEMBER 104 writes:

“I have burnt out my shredder thanks to the ATO and their overdue lodgment letters, statements of account for nil balance accounts, letters advising of bulk mailings of BASs even when the bulk mailing is for one single solitary BAS, advising of letters to clients etc I too have been told that I requested the new POI rules requiring me to have a heap more paper on hand – and I hate it when they ring me and then want me to identify myself. There are scams running where people are being ripped off because they think they are talking to the ATO and are being promised refunds. We should be reversing the POI requirements when they ring us so that we can be confident that we are talking to the right people. The trouble is it is so difficult to get them to do something that requires a call back that we would risk having no communication at all.

Oh, and another thing – one of my clients had a payment demand one day and a garnishee order placed on his bank account the following day for an 8 day old debt of about $1000 – a bit severe I would think seeing the account was in credit prior to that and he had already made payments of about $45grand in the prior two months. I did manage to get it withdrawn (and I had a call back from the very helpful officer) so sometimes the system does work – but it was the system that was blamed for the garnishee. I wonder how long it will take them to realise that the ‘system’ is just a big calculator that does exactly what it is told.”