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31 May 1313 More on unsolicited phone calls

MEMBER 111 writes:
"At 6.35pm (EST) on 27 May, 2013, I received at my office a phone call from the ATO. My name is K..... and I am calling from the ATO, asking to speak with a client (who lives in Western Australia and perhaps owes a couple of hundred income tax, due to insufficient tax deductions). I asked: 'Are you a debt collector for the ATO?' He replied: 'Can I talk to the client'. I said: 'No, we are his Accountants and we don't have his cheque book'. He said: 'This is the phone number I have'. I said: 'We don't take these phone calls' and hung up. Somewhere in the exchange the caller said he represented a collection agency.
As I drove home soon after, I reflected on my own day of seeking fee collection, and how difficult it was. Nevertheless, I do not want to be conscripted by the ATO or some 'no name' debt collectors to do their work, and not being paid to do so. Is the ATO supervising the work, or do these fellers get the password and trawl through the data looking for a phone number? I hope as a taxpayer these fellers are not getting a fee for bodgie phone calls afterhours.
PS, the client has not paid us either. Can I be placed on the after-hours do not call register?"

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