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MEMBER 161 writes:

"Just how are we supposed to work?

Centrelink have not issued PAYG Payment Summaries this year, because they are available from the Portal, but the Portal all morning [Monday 29 July 2013] has not been working.

Having taken 30 minutes to print one prefilling report, just how are we supposed to complete our work?"

MEMBER 162 also writes in relation to PAYG Payment Summaries on the Portal:

"So all those clients I deleted from my list last year I now have to put back onto my list so I can access the amount of their Centrelink Payment details (because Centrelink are exempt from issuing Payment Summaries)?

Then I guess I will have to delete all those clients again to maintain the 85% rule?"


“Members with clients who require information from Centrelink such as annual payment summaries to complete their tax returns should encourage their clients to obtain this information from Centrelink to check against information included in pre-fill on the Tax Agent Portal. This may also assist in the tax return completion process when the information is not available on the Portal. There are various ways the relevant Centrelink payment information can be obtained via the Centrelink website.”

MEMBER 163 writes:

"Commissioner, please explain to me how I can lodge 85% of my tax returns when your department can’t even get the Portal to work."

MEMBER 164 writes:

"The Portal was not working yesterday [Monday 29 July 2013] and not today [Tuesday 30 July 2013] – the message on FKC 33 is that 'The Portal is not working'. The staff there do not know when it will be back working.

'SOMEONE' has to take responsibility for the thing.

It is a great tool but it is never working and ends up wasting our time."