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MEMBER 225 writes:

"I have always had a problem with the Portal showing lodgment obligations for 3 years prior to the current year for any new taxpayer. After years of complaining via various forums I was told it was a 'system thing' that could not be fixed. This meant for taxpayers with new TFNs or first time earners we had to lodge RNN for years when they had no obligation or get restricted future lodgment dates for that client.

It is even more important now because we agents have our lodgments monitored to ensure we keep our % up to their required level. Thus people who were not late lodgers but described as late because of the Portal now impact on our statistics.

BUT to my horror the Portal has now thrown up years outstanding from over 10 years ago. And thus people who haven’t been late are being given 31 October lodgment dates for no valid reason. My firm wastes so much time trying to fix all these ATO stupid mistakes and I am frankly tired of the cost to me. I have lost so much in the past year because of chasing up the ATO on matters where their administrative systems, or 'silly' letters, or lack of understanding at call centre level, results in us contacting them time and time again, that I feel like rendering a bill to the Commissioner. 

I found it refreshing to hear the Commissioner talk about working with SMEs to get through reviews and audits more promptly. I just wish he would pay more attention to the administrative issues that hinder the life of the mere tax agent."

MEMBER 226 writes:


Please note that here we are at 11.45 am on Saturday 12 October 2013 and again the Portal does not work and is having problems. When are the ATO going to do something about this mess?

The ATO have scheduled maintenance from 6pm Saturday until 11am Sunday to fix their problems. Why is it that they stop us working?

Since the ABN section was linked to ASIC for business names the Portal is dead more times than it works. ASIC also goes dead every time the ATO have maintenance with the Portal.

It is really not good enough and time that urgent ATO resources were allocated to this mess."