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MEMBER 199 writes:

"I have just received my 2nd letter questioning the claiming of the dependent (invalid and carer) tax offset. The letter is written in such a way that the ATO believes we have made an incorrect claim. Sitting on the taxpayer’s Prefill Report is a clearly laid out section on Government payments, which shows this taxpayer received an exempt Carer Payment. Whilst not every person who receives a carer payment has a spouse also receiving a carer payment, given that the spouse details are also clearly shown on the Prefill Report, why don’t the ATO systems then check the spouse’s Prefill Report to check whether there is an exempt carer payment?

Another 25 minutes wasted in pulling client file, checking pre-fills etc, writing letter back to ATO, and then having this rant. Exactly same circumstances existed for first client query on this. Looks to me that the ATO will be sending this letter to anyone who claims this rebate (though they may be few and far between these days), rather than doing some basic checking and only sending letters where there is nothing showing as a carer payment or similar. Very lazy, and more wasted time on our behalf which I cannot, in all conscience, send my client a bill for."