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22 Nov 2019 myGovID

MEMBER 323 writes: 

Thanks ATO for the information on the smart device requirements for myGovID. 

I am quite happy with the smart device I have and it is more than adequate for my needs. It now seems I have to buy a new one purely to use myGovID. Awesome! 

Care to chip in for the cost? Thought not. 

MEMBER 324 writes: 

Please could TTI ask the ATO to disclose their plans and timetable to force tax agents and taxpayers to be identified using the Face Verification Service, aka facial recognition.

There's some brief background details in the mainstream media at:

"Face matching, which will match and verify photos against photo ID documents in real-time using the Facial Verification Service, is understood to be coming soon."

Most tax agents understand bracket creep. Here comes surveillance creep. 

MEMBER 325 writes: 

Dear TaxVine, 

Regarding the new myGovID and multifactor authentication. 

I am involved in the test phase (beta) for new multifactor authentication using myGovID and I have issues with the ATO’s latest propaganda, in particular “Once you have set up your myGovID, logging in will be easier than with AUSkey. You don’t need to remember a complicated password each time you log onto Online Services for Agents, just use the four digit code that appears on the app login screen.” 

How it works in my office is I login to the portal on my PC as I have always done by clicking “Login with myGovID”, and recently on three occasions that’s where it ends because you then need to log in (using your smart phone password) on your smart phone to the myGovID app (and yes, you need to remember your myGovID password – first wrong statement) and guess what, twice my smart phone was out of power, and once my smart phone was left at home, so no connection to the Portal and no work done that day – “logging in will be easier” sure. 

Unlike the younger generation of today, I don’t have a love affair with my smart phone and don’t need it with me 24 hours a day, however now I guess that’s what is required. 

While I agree with multifactor authentication, I cannot understand why it needs to be on a “smart phone”. Surely you should be able to login to myGovID using an internet connection on the PC or sending a link to your registered myGovID email address, thus removing any issues. 

MEMBER 326 writes: 

Attended an ATO seminar this week on the new myGovID and was informed that it is essential that a smart phone be used. 

I have an ordinary low-level cell phone for verbal communication. I have a desktop Win10 computer for all my electronic needs and also a laptop. I have no need for, nor do I desire, a smart phone. 

Google research has thrown up that an Android emulator – Bluestacks/Terrarium can be used to run an app on the desktop. 

If this is so, then the ATO should expand its web page on the myGovID information and develop a method so that the app can be used on a desktop. In addition, a statement as to whether a tablet could be viable would be suitable. 

Not enough thought for the user base or the instruments required has been given.


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