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29 Nov 2019 myGovID

MEMBER 331 writes: 


I have been in contact with my computer consultant regarding this rubbish. Is there any way that the new myGovID can be stopped from being implemented on Friday at 11.30pm? It is still in beta mode and is open to abuse left, right and centre. It is not available to those using Windows –  software providers have not had enough time to put into place any links as per the Auskey, which is linked though agents set up. 

I have noticed that some of our members have found it to work well. I would be interested in finding out from those reports what system they are using. Some interesting comments are contained in a 4-page myGovID download. 

MEMBER 332 writes: 

Member 317 wrote in TaxVine 44 (15 November 2019) regarding myGovID and noted most employees at his/her firm don't possess any Australian identity documents.

Member 317 is not an outlier or edge case. This is mainstream.

We all need to know how we will continue to access Online Services, beyond 31 March 2020, without Australian identity documents.

If non-citizens cannot use myGovID, what alternative access mechanism/s will be available?

Does the ATO have any answers, or are they making this up on-the-fly? 

MEMBER 333 writes: 

I now have my myGovID and had to use my mobile phone to take a picture of my drivers licence, passport and Medicare card. All worked smoothly. 

However, I have 3 employees in Bangalore India who currently have digital certificates for the portal. What documents will they have to photo to get their myGovID? 

They are a part of a team of 43 accountants doing solely Australian tax and accounting. Access to the portal is essential.


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