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MEMBER 176 writes:

"Surely at some stage the ATO should provide us with a subsistence package to do their work!

Today 21 August 2012, I received a letter concerning outstanding returns/BAS etc. We were warned by ATO it was coming but, really, surely they could perform a comprehensive check against their system on 01 August or later if their letter is dated 16 August 2012. Fortunately, I only had 21 tax reurns unlodged or so the ATO letter said. BUT when I checked our records including validation reports, 1 was lodged 16/6, 5 on 17/7, 1 on 23/7, 3 on 27/7, 1 had been CU'd on 07/12/11, 1 CU'd on 27/02 and 2 on 26/07. Two other lodgments were on 09/08 and 16/08, hence only 5 unlodged. Hence, 76% did not have to be queried with me if the ATO computer was crosschecking in some meaningful and timely way.

Again, another 30 minutes wasted on ATO inefficiency."

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