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MEMBER 298 writes:
"Like Member 291 from last week's TaxVine I too am fed up with clients dissatisfied with refunds when their mates or work colleagues are all apparently receiving much larger refunds than I can manage for them.

Like Member 291, I too think it’s time the ATO moved from assuming everything tax agents submit is wrong and start checking on self preparers. I am sick of hearing from clients that I must be wrong for not claiming such and such because everyone at work or down the pub is claiming it so it must be right.

Things such as self education claims for courses to improve chances of promotion, claiming overtime meal costs when no allowance is paid because it has been rolled into the gross salary, travel and "living away from home" claims for fly-in-fly-out workers, travel claims and accommodation claims for employees who choose to stay near their work places through the week are all areas that give me lots of problems.

Such claims are apparently being made and accepted by many self preparers so when can we as tax agents expect the ATO to get real and make it a level playing field?"

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