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MEMBER 128 writes, in response to Member 127's comments in last week's TAXVINE about the difficulties in getting ABNs - see 2012 TAXVINE No 20 (1 June):

"Member 127, you are not alone.

ABNs are not always easy to get, it seems completely random in what will issue. Even new companies wanting the same registrations and directors all lodged and paid up will be inconsistent in issuing an ABN.

Some Individual ones can take ages, some not given an ABN for some random reason.

Also if you phone ATO with the Reference Number, they can't find it.

Also some ATO officers seem to tell porkies about what is being done etc (they told us they emailed the client for more info, but we did not give an email address), officers seem to want to just get you off the phone with any excuse.

The new system has the beauty of getting an ABN then being unable to register it with GST and to date does not seem any more reliable."

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