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MEMBER 32 writes:

"It is well known that the ATO administers and has responsibility for the Australian Business Register (ABR). 

Taxpayers and accountants routinely lodge annual Income Tax Returns with ATO. Where applicable, these tax forms include ABN and current address/contact details. Some tax forms even include a tick-box to indicate if the address has changed since last year.

Would it be too much to ask ATO to use this up-to-date information and automatically update the address and contact details on their ABR? Would this be too much to expect of an $800 million computer system?

Please could TTI engage with ATO and seek a commitment to have this fixed?

Unfortunately, I'm expecting the likely response will be the usual platitudes and motherhood statements prepared by the spin doctors in the ATO's media unit.

Meanwhile, as the ATO has already been advised of many address and contact changes, I'll keep ignoring their letters requiring me to update those details again on their clumsy ABR website.

Even the language used in correspondence is aggravating. 'What you need to do'.

In future, all my correspondence to ATO will also include a heading 'What you need to do'.  Apparently that is considered polite modern business communication.

Thanks to the weekly dose of TAXVINE for helping us retain some sanity."