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MEMBER 145 writes:

"The Trust Tax return instructions 2013 have been posted on the ATO website (to access, go here; however, why are they not available in print or (at least) as a downloadable PDF document?"

MEMBER 146 writes:

"The new ATO website is causing me much aggravation.  Unless I am missing something, it seems that I am forced to look at everything in bits and pieces moving from one bit to another ie one webpage to the next.  Is there a way to see the whole commentary on the subject being viewed?  What happened to that 'print' button that enabled one to see/print the whole commentary. I cannot work with it the way it is; it wastes so much time."


"Hear, hear, Member 146! With the old website, we used to be able to get a "Printer Friendly" version of the WHOLE document, without having to print off numerous sections of the one document."