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MEMBER 186 writes:

"What I hate is the ATO clamping down on Mum & Dad Super Funds 'because they don't know how to run a super fund properly' and then you get small players like - let's see - [major public offer super fund] who send clients this Notice of Intent to Claim to fill out and send back.

Then 6 weeks later we are still wondering where the acknowledgement letter is from [major public offer super fund]- the client wants to know why his tax return has not been lodged - I say well [major public offer super fund]hasn't sent you that acknowledgement letter - the client rings [major public offer super fund]whose staff say - 'no we don't send letters back to you - we just update our records and send all the info to the Tax Office at the end of the year'.

So I call [major public offer super fund]and get told exactly the same thing. So the client thinks I'm stupid (because [major public offer super fund]would know how the 'system' works).

Can someone please ask the ATO to review what 'procedures super funds have in processing clients' Notice of Intent to Claim Super Contributions PLEASE?"

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