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MEMBER 44 writes:

"What is with the ATO these days? We had to amend a client's tax return because they included income in their 2012 return that should have been included in their 2011 return. This meant their 2011 income went up and their 2012 income went down, simple. The net result was a refund to the client of about $20. We did not charge for lodging the 2 amendments even though it was the client's mistake. The ATO stuffed it, increasing income in both years. How they managed this is anybody's guess but it increases our workload but does not allow us to bill the client. The ATO is responsible for costing my business hundreds of dollars...Why have an amendment schedule if it is not going to be read? Unfortunately this has happened on several occasions when an amendment has been made, the ATO do not look at the amended return, they seem to just add it to the original return. Does anyone else have this problem?

On another occasion, another agent lodged a return for one of our clients, the client was with them umpteen years ago and a new client came in with the same name so the return was lodged, no checking of TFNs in their practice. The ATO was notified and when the correct return was lodged, as an amendment, the ATO simply added the new information to the old and sent a bill rather than a refund. Again, no reading of the amendment schedule. I hope the new Commissioner instructs his staff to read the amendment schedules and get things right the first time."

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