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MEMBER 183 writes:

"On behalf of members and ALL Australian businesses with registered business names will the professional associations please put pressure on ASIC to fix up the abysmal mess they have created since taking over the previously working business name activities from the various States. The mess they have created in the whole area is a national disgrace.

The procedure of renewing an existing business name is a classic example.

Firstly, a renewal letter dated 8 August 2013 for a Business Name expiring on 4 September 2013 was not received until 20 August 2013.  I don’t think it was Australia Post at fault – more likely it took most of those 12 days to get out of the ASIC quagmire!

But the main issue is how complicated it is to pay the renewal fee. The registrant business has to create an account on ASIC, connect to get an invoice and to make payment. Why in the hell can’t it be the same working procedure used for the company annual fees, whereby an Invoice/Statement is sent for payment with payment instructions included for payment by Billpay (via Aust Post), BPay, EFT, Phone, Mail or online. Simple and efficient (but is that against the Federal Bureaucratic Charter!?)"