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MEMBER 105 writes:

“I have just become aware of the third tax assessment for a client being mailed directly to the client rather than to the address shown on the return.

As their tax agent I prefer to be the prime postal address for income tax matters for all clients. I have checked my return preparation software and it appears that the only way the address has been changed is by some action by the Tax Office. Fortunately they were all in a payable position and the assessments were posted to the correct taxpayer’s home address.

This is of some concern to me and I was wondering if any other members have encountered similar issues.

Perhaps this is a computer glitch – more money well spent. Perhaps it is another example of the Commissioner demonstrating his desire to work co-operatively with Tax Agents by bypassing us and communicating directly with taxpayers!”

 The Tax Institute’s Tax Counsel TAMERA LANG responds:

 “The Tax Institute agrees with your concerns, and you are not the only member to experience these difficulties. We have raised this issue on numerous occasions with the ATO, primarily through the ATO Tax Practitioners Forum. It is our position that the ATO should respect the address listed for the service of notices, particularly for important matters like the service of a notice of assessment. We will continue to urge the ATO to heed our members’ concerns.”