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MEMBER 46 writes:

"Reply to Member 27 - see 2011 TAXVINE No 6 (25 February 2011) - who wrote about the ATO website being hosted on a Windows 2000 server.

Unfortunately, we agree with you. Despite massively expensive 'systems upgrade' the ATO is indeed stuck using old technology. They still use Windoze 2000 and Internet Explorer (IE), and haven't noticed that the rest of Australia has moved on.

Latest web statistics show worldwide browser usage for IE of just 45% and rapidly declining. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are all becoming increasingly popular.

Have you tried an on-line application for ABN recently? Today I checked. The error message says works with Internet Explorer and Netscape only. Ask any young person if they've heard of Netscape? Net who?

Message to ATO. We're in the 21st Century now."

And on a lighter note, MEMBER 47 writes:

"My staff and I were lamenting the ATO computer system (is the use of the words 'computer system' an oxymoron?)  and one staff member recalled one of the Goodies and their computer. That is, the computer doing what it wants and not what he wanted. Sounds very familiar doesn't it? If you Google 'tim brooke taylor willy wonka's chocolate factory', you will get a YouTube item with it.

Of course, if the turkeys still get you down, pick up Yes Minister when you get home for a read.

Members, please keep sending in the Feedback, it is good for us to vent and shows the Commissioner still has a huge amount to do with his administration."

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