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MEMBER 76 writes:

“Once more the competence of the ATO is mind-blowing. A client’s ICA in credit for over 12 months due to overpayment + interest of $742.62. I amend June 2011 BAS on 26 March 2012 to claim a refund of $394.00 = $1,136.62 credit on the ICA.

ATO Refund only the $394.00. Well done ATO. Keep up the good work. I now have to apply for a refund of $742.62.

By the way, I had a similar instance a few months ago where the ITA was in credit due to an ATO interest adjustment. When I lodged the 2011 ITR the ATO refunded only the 2011 ITR refund & still kept the ITA in credit because of their adjustment. How efficient is that!!! “

 MEMBER 77 writes:

“Sad but laughable and yet another example of how broken the ATO system is:

  • Due to an amended assessment being issued, taxpayer had a 1999-2000 Superannuation Surcharge Assessment for $420 raised in October 2001.
  • This was subsequently paid in January 2002.
  • After objection the underlying amended assessment was reversed as was the Superannuation Surcharge assessment in August 2003.
  • On 14th February 2012 (that is 8½ years later) the ATO sent letters to the Trustees of the Fund and the Member saying that $24.79 interest was credited to the Fund for the period 3rd May 2002 to 15th August 2003 (where they got the May 2002 figure from is anyone’s business…but not material !)
  • Cheque wasn’t received with the notice of interest credit but arrived today (30th March) – 6 weeks later.

Another example of how horribly broken the ATO system is:

(a) Taking 8 ½ years to work out the interest on $420 for 470 days!

(b) Taking 6 weeks to issue a cheque for the interest rather than send it out with the letter advising that interest was payable.

Wonder what the cost to the nation of working out and processing this $25.79 interest was!!”

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