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MEMBER 28 writes:

"I’ve worked out how the ATO keeps its list of consultation matters nice and short; just ignore items that people submit. Despite the statement on the ATO’s website 'You are encouraged to raise a matter for consultation. Your matter can either be in the national interest or able to make a significant improvement to the health or effective operation of the system', it seems that the ATO process for dealing with submissions is yet to be ironed out. I submitted a matter over 3 weeks ago, being a request for progress on the withdrawn ruling TR 2001/6 on deductibility of commercial website expenditure (hey it’s only been 5 years since withdrawal pending further thinking). To date, I have had no response, no acknowledgement and needless to say, the matter is not on the list of matters for consultation, nor on the growing list of Out-of-Scope Matters. So much for 'We are committed to consultation' (also quoted from the ATO website)."