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MEMBER 124 writes:

"I have today received a letter from the ATO dated 24th May 2012 which advises me that as from 01/07/2012 fuel tax credit rates are changing. Attached to the letter is ATO Form 74171-05.2012. We then look at the table and find that for the following business use: "In a vehicle (including emergency vehicles) greater than 4.5tonne GVM travelling on a public road - diesel vehicles acquired before 1 July 2006 can equal or exceed 4.5tonne GVM", the fuel tax credit rate for fuel acquired from 1 July 2012 is 'To be determined'.

Congratulations ATO, what a waste of paper once again."

TAXVINE comment: The applicable rate can now be found here by clicking on Use the rate when fuel was acquired. However, we see that the asterisked note states 'This rate accounts for the road user charge, which is subject to change'.

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