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MEMBER 207 writes:

"I have an idea on how to deal with debt collection – instead of paying debt collectors to call us about our clients debts and wasting our time with debt collection letters like the one I just received - which was dated a week after the debt was paid – just send us the list of debtors and amounts and we will spend the same amount of time dealing with it and the ATO can pay us instead of the debt collectors. At least we would be recompensed for some of our time spent working for the ATO for nothing and take some of the steps out of the process and maybe (possibly) become a bit more efficient – but then again, they would probably want to link debt collection to our lodgment programs!!!! 

But then again, we are the agent for the taxpayer dealing with the ATO are we not, and not a de facto branch of the ATO????

Time to retire - I am having silly thoughts!"