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MEMBER 102 writes:

“We have now received another missive from ATO informing us that they are sending letters about the flood levy exemption directly to our clients. The trouble is that we will then receive a plethora of calls to explain what the ATO is trying to say.

I particularly like the message under the heading What You Need to Do, which reads: ‘Where possible, we are writing to your affected client’s nominated residential address. In a small number of cases, the letter may come to you and we ask that you forward the letter to your client.’

I do like the suggestion of previous correspondents to simply make the residential address as our office and then shred these damned letters when they issue just as we do with the ATO running balance accounts and demand letters which are paid before ATO had even arranged for the letters to be issued.

We will not require a carbon tax if ATO singlehandedly stops printing excessive and wasteful, meaningless letters.”