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03 Jun 1111 On ATO Help Lines

MEMBER 83 writes:

“After an hour and a half of trying to have a credit on an Integrated Client Account transferred from one taxpayer to another, having been left in limbo and disconnected, I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the reason why a call to the Tax Agent Services Area does not put you through to someone in the Tax Agent Services Area.

To achieve this relatively straightforward task I had to make seven calls to the ATO on the 13 72 86 number and NOT ONCE did I go through to the tax agent services area but rather to an individual account client services area.

The ATO purports to provide a higher level of service to tax agents but does not enable you to speak to people in the appropriate area with the appropriate training. The other staff on two occasions tried to transfer me to that area and I was either disconnected or left hanging on hold for 15 minutes or more.

Also did the ATO notify us of their changes to Proof of Identity checks now requiring a document reference number be provided? More time wasting for tax agents.”