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MEMBER 203 writes:


"I have recently (late October) had approval for my corporate tax agent registration. The confirmation advises that the ATO have been advised of the registration. I presumed I would receive fairly immediate access to the Tax Agent Portal, so when I did not, I contacted the ATO. Naturally there is a 21-day service standard to record new tax agents, so I rang back once that time was up (still no Portal access). 

Guess what? Now that the service standard has been breached, the ATO requires another 28 days to investigate.

I’m sure other Tax Agents agree that these incredibly slow response times are inadequate. They always were but, given the technology available, times should be getting shorter. Instead, they are getting longer. Is there anyone on the ATO phones who can actually get things done, not just take notes and send them off on the never-never hope that “someone” might eventually deal with it?

Add my name to the long list of tax agents who are disappointed in the ATO inefficiencies."