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In 2014 TAXVINE No 43 (21 November 2014), Member 185 wrote that they had been refused a recent request for an extension of time because it had been made by letter, rather than on "the current form" or via the Portal. 


"You will need to submit your deferral applications through the Tax Agent Portal or BAS Agent Portal by saving a copy to your computer and attaching it to the portal message. All supporting information should be included on the deferral application form. This ensures we have all the information we need to process your request within the shortest possible timeframe.

To submit your deferral application form through the Tax Agent Portal or BAS Agent Portal: 

  • Select the appropriate topic based on the obligation included in the request
  • Select the appropriate message subject
  • Attach your deferral request to the message.

We have also developed new deferral forms following feedback from practitioners. This will simplify how you request lodgment deferrals for your clients.

The new forms are a Portable Document Format (PDF), which makes them easier to read. They also include built-in prompts to help you complete the form with all the details we need, including timeframes. These added features will prevent the forms from being submitted with incomplete details, which will mean we will have less need to contact you. 

Further information is available on the ATO website here (reference QC 34580)."