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MEMBER 260 writes:

"Yet again we have received a letter for a client for whom we no longer act and have not done so for years. We did some years ago delete them from our client list and we confirmed that our client list no longer contained the client.

On previous mail received from the ATO we dutifully opened it, saw that it was not for us and sent it and a 'nice' covering letter to the ATO advising them of that fact. The last mail we just wrote RTS on envelope and we were hopeful that the ATO would act and delete us from the mail out for the client. No such chance - yet another article of mail demanding outstanding tax returns - this one goes through the shredder as will all of these type of advices where we have advised the ATO that we no longer have authority and we have provided them with a new address.

This is getting monotonous from the ATO in that we do have to action these letters, it uses up our resources when we have already advised the ATO. Further, what privacy issues do we have with the fact that we no longer act and the ATO is telling us of a taxpayer's affairs, providing TFNs which we have deleted from our systems etc, etc?

C'mon ATO, get your [act] together."