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21 Dec 1212 On ATO lodgment quotas

MEMBER 234 writes:

"Yesterday (12 December 2012) I received an advice from the ATO concerning my lodgment percentages - the percentages indicated were different to my calculations to 30 June 2012 and on closer reading of the advice it appears that there is no consideration provided to us agents for those 'new' clients who seek their tax returns completed after their (the client) lodgment date has passed!

I request the ATO to ensure that these calculations are completed on our actual client numbers at 31 October rather than those at other dates as we (tax agents) have no control over new clients who have their tax returns completed after their due date be it 31 Oct, 28 Feb etc, and these 'late lodgers' must not and should not count in our lodgment percentages.

That is, these clients will in all likelihood be 'one offs' and just getting their affairs up to date with the ATO. That they have not lodged returns on time in the past should not be counted against us.

Surely the 'Ubewt' ATO computer can perform the calculations?

Thank you and I wish you all a peaceful, happy and safe Christmas - keep feedback going."

MEMBER 235 writes:

"I received a comparison percentage from the ATO of 62.3% this is simply calculated by dividing the number of 2011 on time returns by the total number of clients.

No thought is given to the fact that we are debt advocates and 25 % of our returns are multiple years, the one I am currently working on being 11 years.

Also my output could be increased if the ATO spent some time and effort and fixed the Portal."

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