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MEMBER 185 writes:

"Once again the ATO staff in Melbourne are making up the rules as they go along. They appear incapable of looking at the ATO document called "Proof of Identity Nat no 74105" and they demand to know the practice name when they answer the phone. Unfortunately they refuse to comply with this document. They advise us, Tax Agents, that we have to tell them the practice name.

When I queried this matter I was advised that the officer could not look at the document concerned.

It is time that some staff really stopped wasting our precious time. We get no allowance from the ATO or compensation for this wasted time, we only get penalised and fined.

The Commissioner needs to train his staff much better. So far this exercise has wasted 1 hour of my time calling again and this time ending up in Queensland and again getting the run around.

We all should have to comply with the same documents and laws and clearly the ATO has their own rules and chooses not to comply with the published rules."

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