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MEMBER 40 writes:
“We requested an overdue activity statement report through the portal on the 28/02/15. Now, we understand that this is a peak period but we use the report as a double check. As of this morning the report had not materialised – it still stated ‘requested’. Obviously we rang the ATO to see when we might expect it. We were informed that we should not rely on the ATO portal reports, we need to keep other lists, the portal just can’t cope with the demand. They thanked us for our understanding and said to try again in 7 days once the report had timed out.
So my response is:
‘Dear ATO,
Please do not expect us to be able to lodge documents on time. The BAS due dates are peak periods for us and we just can’t manage it. Thank you for your understanding and we will try again in 7 days.’
Seriously, how can they expect us to meet lodgement standards when the tools we rely on can’t be relied on! Time they applied the same standards to their provision of service that they do to us.”


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